Architect Muhammad Rayan and Architect Faisal Rehman Over Perceptions

Over Perceptions

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This book enclosed three different research papers which enlightens different issues caused by the urbanization. First paper enlightens the informal/squatter settlement, and studies the best and worst examples of informal settlement (Orange pilot project); Karachi and informal settlement F-6/2 sector Islamabad, Pakistan from which we can acquire superlative practice. Second research paper explains aspects about urban growth management with green belts. It tends to inform us about some main issues regarding urban growth with green belts and some of the possible strategies and policies that have been used to resolve those issues in some countries. Third Paper enlightens the problems which are faced by Mughal Shalamar Garden, Lahore (Pakistan).which was constructed by Mughal King Shahjahan in 1641 by the supervision of Ali Mardan Khan (Governor of Punjab). Mughal Architecture is the Urban Cultural Heritage Sites and Tourism Development of Pakistan.